The History of Newtown

In 1708, 36 men petitioned the colony's General Assembly for permission to settle a town in an area north of Stratford. Having received their charter for settlement, the proprietors chose four men to constitute a Committee for Newtown whose job was to lay out the town. Early in the next year, 1709, a "Town Plat" was established containing a 132 foot wide north-south road (modern Main Street), intersected by a northern and southern Cross Highway (West Street - Church Hill Road and Route #302.

Coming primarily from the towns of Stratford and Milford, the proprietors were in their late twenties to late thirties. All were farmers and, being second and third generation immigrants from Britain. Most came to their home lots with their families and built houses near the main street, usually a saltbox or at least a one and a half story cottage. In back of their dwelling, a barn and other small outbuildings such as privies, were soon erected, and small gardens were laid out for growing vegetables and herbs.

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