Meet the Keepers

The Dana-Holcombe House is year-round home to a couple and their dogs. Living on-location, John and Jane ensure that service and hospitality are always just a few rooms away.

John and Jane Vouros are the two-legged master and lady of the house. Their smaller companions are Tai and Annie, who can be found patrolling the halls, making sure that everyone is enjoying their stay at the Inn.

Both John and Jane have extensive experience in the areas of hospitality and restaurant management. Both are retired school teachers from the Newtown education system, who look forward to continuing their families' service tradition.

John and Jane's influence can also be found at the Mary Hawley Inn at Newtown, where they aided in the reconstruction and design of the building.

For more information and Reservations, please call 203.426.2000 or email us.

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